Vite + React + React Server FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions.

Is it a framework ? Something like NextJs ?

It's a framework but it has a different purpose than Next.js. See this page

Can I do SSR with React Server?

Yes, SSR is fully supported using a bundler like Vite or Webpack or a framework like Next.js.
Please note that, React Server is more than a BFF used for SSR. You can write your whole backend business logic using components, states, hooks and effects.

How does it compare to Next.js?

Next.js is essentially a BFF which allows you to do Server Side Rendering. React Server on the other hand allows you to build a backend using components that have their own lifecycle on the server side.
React Server allows you to use familiar paradigms and a reactive pattern known from the frontend. React Server can - but not neccessarily has to - be used as BFF in order to facilitate SSR.

Is there a recommended way to handle authentication and authorization in React Server?

Authentication and Authorization is currently seamless with Google Oauth. Read more about authentication.