React Server

React Server

Modular, Reactive, Full-Stack Framework

A cutting-edge framework designed for crafting highly responsive full-stack services. Leveraging the renowned syntax of React, this innovative solution seamlessly merges frontend familiarity with powerful server-side capabilities.

With React Server, you can construct server-side components using JSX/TSX, blending declarative structures with a reactive lifecycle—a hallmark of the beloved React library. Harnessing TSX under the hood, you can effortlessly embrace a component-driven approach on the server side.

Key Features:

  • GraphQL Integration: Utilize GraphQL for dependable transport and a modern API interface, enhancing data exchange efficiency and flexibility.
  • Real-Time Updates: Employ PubSub for real-time state updates, ensuring seamless synchronization across all client applications.
  • Modular Architecture: Embrace inherent modularity, simplifying the creation of a robust ecosystem of reusable components—a foundation for scalable and adaptable projects.

Experience the future of full-stack development with React Server—where innovation meets efficiency, and frontend prowess extends seamlessly to the server side.

Effortlessly Prototype Advanced Full-Stack Services with Minimal Complexity
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Check out our example app Lists it's finally connected to a database.

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If you encounter any issues setting up this project, don't hesitate to ask in the community or raise an issue on Github 🥰

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